Dear Vin

  Dear Vin, On October 3rd, 1993, fifty seven years after you first walked past that Laundromat, an eight year old boy again fell in love with baseball and again, it was due to the Giants suffering a thorough beating at the hands of a historic franchise.  This time, it was the Dodgers, not the […]


I Ain’t Mad At Ya, Durant

I’m ain’t mad at ya, Kevin Durant. You left your old town to play under the bright lights of the city. It’s a story as old as time. Can’t say I haven’t wanted the same thing myself. While everyone mocks your decision as being “the easy way out”, I would disagree. Sequels are rarely as good the original– […]

Kevin Durant isn’t coming – Lakers Should continue to Rebuild 

Rome wasn’t built in one day. We’ve all heard that phrase accurately explaining that success or greatness doesn’t happen overnight; there is a process that must take place. The Los Angeles Lakers will find themselves with plenty of options and paths that they can take to restore the organization back to championship contenders. Laker fans […]

The Lakers Need Robert Sacre (Seriously)

People say the NBA is becoming a position-less league. The Lakers are an example that this is simply not the case. Among the head-scratching decisions coach Byron Scott has made thus far, perhaps the most bewildering has been his decision to play career Power-Forward Brandon Bass extended minutes at Center, leading to disastrous results. Bass, long considered […]

Lakers Priorities – Byron Scott doesn’t play D’Angelo Russell…again 

You play to win the game! Winning is everything! If you ain’t first, you’re last. We’ve all heard these things before, it’s ingrained in every athlete to go out and win the game. Winning is always a priority. However, if you are the Los Angeles Lakers and Byron Scott, winning takes a back seat to […]