These are OUR Lakers.

The summer of 2014 has come and gone. The dream of making a splash in free agency has come to a bitter end. The dust has long settled and we can clearly see who will be wearing the purple and gold this year.

The Lakers have 13 players on their roster so far. They traded for Jeremy Lin and signed free agents: Ed Davis, Nick Young (Swaggy P), Jordan Hill, Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry, Ryan Kelly. They drafted Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. They claimed Carlos Boozer through amnesty, to go along side Steve Nash, Robert Sacre and Kobe Bryant. This folks is our Los Angeles Lakers for the coming season.

It isn’t quite the picture many Laker fans hoped for this offseason. An offseason where the Lakers had money to spend. Unfortunately, there was no superstar to take their money. They were in the Melo sweepstakes only to lose out to Phil Jackson and the Knicks. They had a meeting with Lebron’s agent Rich Paul which was really nothing,

Once the Lakers knew they weren’t getting Melo nor Lebron, they went to Plan B. Which as we now was just re-sign the guys from last years team that only won 27 games and take flyers on Ed Davis and Carlos Boozer. Their Plan B was to save money for next summer and go after Kevin Love. Oh wait…he jaunt got traded to play alongside the best player in league in Lebron James. I know it’s Cleveland but don’t really see him leaving Lebron.

Where does this leave us with? It leaves us hoping and believing that Kobe will be Kobe! Call me crazy but I believe Kobe will Kobe. It leaves us hoping that Jeremy Lin can quiet the doubters and bring back Linsainty. Which I think is possible. Lin was second to only Lebron in being able to get the the lane. I really liked the Lin trade when it happen. It also leaves us hoping that Julius Randle will be a stud. As let me tell you, Julius Randle will be a stud in the NBA. Randle will make an impact on that team, I especially love that he is playing with a chip on his shoulders after dropping to 7th in the draft. It also leaves us believing that the rest of the supporting cast will elevate their level of play because they are going to be playing alongside Kobe for an entire season ( we also hoping Kobe stays healthy). It leaves us trusting in one of our own in Bryon Scott. That Bryon Scott can teach these players what it means to be a Laker and play something call “defense”.

Finally, it leaves us with embracing this Laker team. If no one will believe in them or give them a chance, we must! No matter what we gotta believe in the Lakers. These are OUR Lakers!

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