The World Cup You Aren’t Watching

How many games have you seen of the FIBA World Cup going on in Spain? The answer will probably be that you’ve just seen the highlights on SportsCenter. The reason for that is that WE just aren’t interested in watching USA beat Finland by 59 points and holding them without a field goal for the entire second quarter. Or watching USA beat Turkey by 21 points, although Turkey was actually leading in the game for about a minute before the USA ran them off the court. What about watching USA beating New Zealand by 27 points followed by USA beating Puerto Rico by 35 points. These are how the games the USA have gone these past week. Now they are getting set for the knock out stage of the FIBA World Cup. So the question is why is no one watching?

Basketball is a beautiful sport too watch. It’s special to watch Anthony Davis come into his own and show that he night be ready to take that next step in the NBA. It’s fun to watch the flashes that Derrick Rose can be his old MVP self again when the NBA season gets started. It’s awesome seeing the athleticism being on display by team USA. Yet no one is really interested in watching these games. The FIBA World Cup does not compare to the FIFA World Cup by any stretch. Soccer is more of a global sport than basketball (for now at least, basketball is growing rapidly). What is interesting is that in a country that has yet to fully buy into soccer embraced the FIFA World Cup and Team USA like we’ve never seen before. Everyone wanted to watch the FIFA World Cup, no one wanted to miss a game, even if Team USA wasn’t playing. We rallied behind the “I believe that we will win”; which is one of the best chants out there.

See it’s easier and more fun to watch and root for an underdog than it is to take an interest when your team is the favorite by at least 20 points on every game. USA dominates the game of basketball and it is not even close. Instead of chanting “I believe that we will win”, the chant for basketball will be “We better win.” When it comes to basketball Team USA we as a nation expect to win and win big. Failure is not a option in basketball. It would be a disastrous. Maybe everyone is just waiting to tune in when Team USA faces off against Spain in the championship game. Which will be the toughest matchup for Team USA in this whole tournament.

So with all that being said, “I believe that we will win.”

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