Cardinals Light Up Kershaw….Again

Same story different chapter for Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Last time we saw Kershaw pitch in October he was hit and hit hard by the Cardinals, allowing 7 earned runs. Friday was suppose to be different for Kershaw and the Dodgers. Game 1 was ten chance for Kershaw to prove the doubters wrong that he can domaine in October like he has in the regular season. And it sure did look that through the first innings. Kershaw was in a stretch were he retired 16 batters in a row. He was in his CY Young MVP self and then the bottom fell out. Kershaw got lit up again and gave up the 6 – 1 lead that the Dodgers had spotted him. Kershaw left the game losing 8-6 in the 7th. Things did get worst as Baez allows two ,ore runs for good measure. As the dust settled the Dodgers were trailing 10 – 6. Dodger fans everywhere where shell shocked after seeing their ace get lit up by the Cardinals yet again. Kershaw became the first pitcher in history to give 7 earned runs in consecutive starts in the postseason, he was the first pitcher to give up 8 earned runs and strikeout 10 In a game. The Dodgers rally in the 8th and 9th inning came up one run short as the Dodgers drop Game 1 10 – 9.

The story of the game is Kershaw melt down. Sure the question of whether Mattingly should have pulled Kershaw is a valid one. Although must consider that the Dodgers bullpen is a mess. There isn’t a reliever in the pen that you have complete trust in. Mattingly rolled the dice with his ace and got burned. For Kerhsaw, he just gave doubters more material to argue that Clayton Kershaw is the Peyton Manning of baseball. However that wouldn’t be fair to Peyton Manning since Manning has won a Super Bowl and Kershaw has yet to take the Dodgers to the World Series and just has one win in his postseason career. The right comparison is Clayton Kershaw is the Dan Marino of baseball. A player who will put up number in the regular season but come up short when the lights are the brightest. Who knows you probably have a better comparison for Kershaw. The point being that in all sports legacies are made and cemented in the postseason not the regular season.

The Dodgers now have an uphill battle to fight. The Cardinals have stolen home field advantage and lead the series 1-0. In a best of 5 series game one is that much more important. Especially if your the Dodgers trying to avenge what happen last year at the hands of these same Cardinals. The Cardinals are setting pretty with the belief that they have the Dodgers numbers. That this year’s playoffs is the same story of last year’s playoffs it’s just a different story. And boy does it feel like it. On the bright side, there is always tomorrow. It ain’t over till it’s over….but this loss stings.

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