How Bout Them Cowboys

So How Bout Them Cowboys? The Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFC. Yes, you read that sentence correctly, if you want, you can re-read the sentence to make sure. No one would’ve thought that the Cowboys would be 5-1 and be the best in the NFC. America’s team has been a laughing stock of the NFL for how dysfunctional the team has been till recent memory. The dysfunctionally Cowboys stems from their owner Jerry Jones. Now Jerry Jones is a marketing genius and has built what is probably the best stadium in all of sports. The Cowboys unfortunately have been an averaged team at best going 8-8 the last couple of years and losing to every team in their conference in the final game of the season with the division on the line. The Cowboys have only won one playoff game in 17 years.

The Cowboys are known for the drama the bring upon themselves from Terrell Ownes “that’s my quarterback”,to the Tony Romo dating Jessica Simpson, Romo and Witten going to Cabo a week before a playoff game, the fumbled field goal snap to lose a playoff game and of course Tony Romo throwing an interception. And this year started off no different with the Cowboys not drafting Johnny “Football” Manziel and then having Jerry Jones saying he had to be restrained from picking Johnny “Football” in the draft. So hopes for this season weren’t high with Romo coming off of back surgery and defense that no one trusted.

Then the season started and everything changed. That’s why we play the games. Tony Romo has been playing better every week and looking more and more like himself as the weeks go by which is evident by the escape moves he showcased in Houston and Seattle. DeMarco Murray has been a beast! That’s not an exaggeration either. If DeMarco Murray were his own team he would be seventh in the NFL in rushing. He’s rushed for 100 yards in every game of the season thus far. The Cowboys are leaning heavily on him and he’s been able to carry them up until this point. By becoming a run first team the Cowboys have been able to take pressure off of Romo and allow him to feel his way back into the swing of things. And defense that no one trusted has proved everyone wrong so far by holding their own. They have been able to keep the Cowboys in every game and give Tony Romo and Co. a chance to win which is what you want from your defense when you have the offensive weapons the Cowboys have to their disposal.

The win in Seattle has people buying into the Cowboys including myself. The Cowboys didn’t just beat the Seahawks, they dominated the Seahawks in Seattle which makes the win that much more impressive. The score doesn’t really reflect how dominant the Cowboys were if it weren’t for the Cowboys miscues the score would probably be not as close as it was. You gotta understand the Seahawks doesn’t lose in Seattle. They’ve only lost twice at home since 2012.

The Cowboys are making all the haters and doubters eat crow for now. I have to say that i own Tony Romo in a few of my fantasy football leagues and he’s been doing a great job. So the Cowboys are doing great on the field and in fantasy football. Now the season isn’t over yet with still a little more than half of the season still to play the The Cowboys stand alone as the best team in the NFC. Let’s hope they can finish strong and make the playoffs although it would make for a great story of the Cowboys still somehow end up 8-8 after stating 5-1, you never know, these are in fact the Cowboys.

But for now let me hear y’all say “How Bout Them Cowboys!”


One thought on “How Bout Them Cowboys

  1. How about them Cowboys! DeMarco Murray was the best pick I made on my fantasy team and I’m in second place in my fantasy league. Again, great post Isaac! And you’re right….I can get along with Dodger fans. I know a few people in the L.A. area and they’re great to be around. The Dodgers made a great move today in getting Andrew Freidman and there will be some changes. Ned Colleti is in another role. I see some more moves coming soon.

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