New Sheriff In Town

The Dodgers have a new sheriff in town and his name is Andrew Friedman. Andrew Friedman is the new President Of Baseball Operations. Friedman was the Tampa Bay Rays GM and was coveted by many other teams. Since joining the Rays in 2005, Friedman has done a superb job running that franchise. Before Friedman, the Rays had failed to win 90 games in any season. Once Friedman took over as GM in 2008, the Rays had six consecutive winning seasons and four playoff appearances with an eventual appearance in the 2008 World Series. Friedman is an upgrade from Ned Colletti, who had done a good job as the GM of the Dodgers for the last few years. It was under Colletti that the Dodgers reached the LCS in back to back years in 2008 and 2009. The Dodgers also reached the LCS in 2013 and the LDS in 2014. As you can see Colletti had a nice run but the one thing that is missing there is that the Dodgers failed to reach the World Series and win a World Series in any of those years. It was time for a change and Andrew Friedman is the change and a breath of fresh air that the Dodgers needed.

The hire of Friedman points to the direction that the Dodgers want to head in going forward. Friedman is known for his great analytical mind and his baseball IQ. The signing of Friedman is a signal that the Dodgers plan for the future is going to be to spend money and have the highest payroll in all of baseball like they did the last two years with nothing to show for it. Steve Kasten and the Dodgers’ owners, helped run the Atlanta Braves. They did it by drafting well and developing prospects, not by making splashy moves. Friedman lines up perfectly with the philosophy of Kasten and the new direction of the Dodgers.

So the days of outspending everyone just because they can, is over for the Dodgers. It is the beginning of a new era for the Dodgers. They will be a much smarter and wiser team with Friedman at the helm. The addition of Friedman also means there will be changes. One of those changes will be who heads the Dodgers manager position. Friedman and Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay Rays manager, are really close and Maddon only has one year left on his contract. Joe Maddon will be a great fit for the Dodgers and will be able to handle and run the characters the Dodgers have in their clubhouse. You can expect Friedman to make moves that will help make the Dodgers a better team without hurting the farm system and just throwing money away at aging superstars.

The Dodgers now have the best GM in baseball running their team. The signing of Andrew Friedman is a great one and puts the team’s future in hands Dodger fans can trust. It’ll be interesting to watch what Friedman will do with the unlimited resources he has at his disposal. So on behalf of all Dodger fans, we welcome the new sheriff in town, Andrew Friedman.

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