It’s a Dynasty!

Baseball newest dynasty is the San Francisco Giants. The Giants captured their 3rd World Series in 5 years. They have been on a quite a run the last five years. This season was a wild one for Giants. They lost the division title to the Los Angeles Dodgers after leading the division for half the season. Thus causing them to play in the play-in wild card game against the Pittsburgh Pirates and that’s when everything changed.

The goal is just to make it to the playoffs and take your chances once you’ve made it to the dance. The Giants had the mindset when they went into Pittsburgh with a chance to advance to the NLDS. The Giants had their ace Madison Bumgarner pitch for them in a win or go home game, which would be a foreshadowing of what would come to be. Bumgarner was brilliant in the play-in wild card game, the Pirates had no answer for him. The Giants advanced to face the best team in the National League the Washington Nationals. The Giants played the longest game in baseball history in game 2 by winning an 18 inning game that lasted over six hours! The Giants won the series 3-1 versus the Nationals. Up next were the St. Louis Cardinals who’ve had just beaten the favorite Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLDS. The Giants continued to play great baseball and eliminate the Cardinals in grand fashion with a walk off home run to send them to the World Series which was reminiscent of Bobby Thompson’s “Shot heard around the world”.

In the World Series the Giants faced the Cinderella team in the Kansas City Royals who hadn’t lost a game in the postseason heading into the World Series. The Giants once again called upon Bumgarner to steal game 1 in Kansas City. Bumgarner delivered, shutting down the Royals offense which was accustomed to get the timely hits thus far in the postseason. By taking away home field advantage the Giants looked like the team that had done this before. However, the Giants did struggle in game 2,3 and for half of game 4. Being down in the series 2-1 the question was who pitches game 4 for the Giants? Bumgarner made it clear he wanted the ball and he was going to pitch.

The Giants manager Bruce Bochy had other plans and went with V instead of his ace. It was a gutsy call knowing that with a loss in game 4 in would put the Giants in an impossible situation by then trailing 3-1. Many people thought Bumgarner should pitch game 4 and then could go again in game 7.

The worse case scenario for the Giants was occurring in Game 4 with the Giants trailing heading into the 6th inning. The Giants bats then caught fire and blew the game wide open and saved Bochy from answering questions like “You think you should’ve gone with Bumgarner?” Bumgarner then took the mound in game 5 and turned in another dominated performance pitching a complete game shutout, the first in the World since Josh Beckett did it in 2003.

Then game 7 happened. It was a historic game. Game 7 are the two most exciting words in all of sports with everything on the line. The Giants took the lead in the 4th inning and then turned to Bumgarner who would be pitching on two days rest. I thought Bumgarner would just pitch one or two innings. I was wrong and I was amazed that he pitched 5 innings! This is after throwing over 100 pitches just two days before. And Bumgarner was just as dominant like he was in his previous two starts. Once he came down in the game it was over.

The Giants dropped the hammer with Bumgarner. That’s how the Giants won the Word Series and solidified themselves as a dynasty. Bumgarner lowered his World Series ERA to 0.25. Bumgarner was the unanimous MVP. The performance he had in game 7 will be remembered and go down in the history books.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on another World Series championship very well deserved. I also tip my hat to one Madison Bumgarner for what we all got a chance to witness this World Series.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Dynasty!

  1. Isaac, you have a great career as a sportswriter if you ever want to do it (you ought to do my blog….). What a great post (but then, I’m enjoying all of the posts since we’ve met). It was gut wrenching last night but it was a little bit easier to watch a game at Civic Center with some friends and a number of other people than at home.

    Everywhere in the country, I’m sure that Bumgarner is the story, but I felt it was a 25 man effort. That’s not a knock on the other 29 teams but everyone on the roster was used at some point during the series. I can say that the Royals were very, very close to winning the World Series last night. I would have tipped my cap to them if that happened. It would have been the same thing if the Dodgers had been the team instead of the Giants. I remember their World Series win in 1988 over the A’s. Up here, the press made it like the Dodgers shouldn’t have been in the World Series at all. Yet, I knew that they had a great pitching staff led by Orel Hershiser and a warrior in Kirk Gibson. What happened? The Dodgers won in five games over an A’s team that was stunned at what happened going into the following year.

    I’m probably unlike a lot of Giant fans up here when it comes to the Dodgers. I was actually pulling for an all-California NLCS. If the Dodgers had gone to the Series, there was no question in my mind that I would have been rooting for them in the World Series, no matter who the American League representative was!

    In 2015, I could see the Dodgers and Giants being 1-2 in the N.L. West again. Though I’m a Giants fan, I would want to see the Dodgers in the Series because it’s been a long dry spell for them. They’re a class organization and are better with Friedman now at the helm. I’m not one of these guys that wants to see a team in it year after year (like the Yankees teams of yesteryear). Fans like you deserve a champion!

    Definitely, I’ll be back at Dodger Stadium next year. The schedule is unique because the N.L. West plays the A.L West in interleague play. Hopefully after two years of the American League domination, the N.L. will have the home field advantage in the World Series.

    Please take care Isaac. Keep writing these great posts!



    • Wayne, thanks for those kind words. Being a sportswriter would be the dream job. You are a great job with your blog, you dont need me writing for you. Keep up the great job.

      It was a team effort. I believe in order for a team to win a championship it takes a team. Your Giants got hot at the right time and Bumgarner led them to the promise land.

      I’m with you i hope the Dodgers do end the dry spell and win a World Series. It’s not to much ask for right? I could die a happy camepr with a Dodgers World Series championship.

      Keep enjoying the World Series victory! Take care Wayne.



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