The People’s Champion

The boxing community needs to stop obsessing over the fight that never happened: Pacquiao versus Mayweather. It is a shame that fight will not happen because it would have been exactly what boxing needs – a quintessential pugilistic spectacle capable of shifting the American sporting landscape.

Nevertheless, the fighter the boxing world should be focusing on is Gennady Golovkin, AKA “Triple G.” He is the people’s champion, a run of the mill, average joe like fighter with an incredible work rate! If you want an entertaining fight, you want Golovkin. But don’t take my word for it, just watch his previous fights for yourself.

Golovkin should be the new face of boxing and his resume only backs it up. He is a 31-0, 28 knockout phenomenon that is currently on a 18 KO streak. Golovkin never disappoints when he enters the ring. His fights are worth shelling out the ostensibly obscene amount of money required to watch pay per view. Just make sure your phone is off and you’re actually glued to the television or else you can miss the fight.

He can be classified as a modern day young Mike Tyson, which is high praise. Golovkin oozes with confidence and it makes him that much better and perfect to be the man to carry boxing. His fans love him because Golovkin doesn’t take a round off. He combines an unrelenting will to win with a desire to entertain his fans.

As a result, he won over a new fan base after his knockout of Daniel Geale by describing his style as Mexican. Mexican style boxing is a no holds barred, get in your face, fight toe to toe, and never take a step back form of fighting that revolves around an attitude of winning at all costs. His declaration that his style is Mexican paid dividends after his latest knockout victory against Rubio in Staples Center, where it should be noted – the population of Hispanics make up the overwhelming majority.

Golovkin also made another ingenious move by wearing blue trunks with a Dodgers logo during the fight. After making quick work of Marco Antonio Rubio, GGG told Max Kellerman that he wanted to fight the top middleweights in the world. He went a step further by calling them out by name, pronouncing his confidence and downright swagger. The names on his list included: Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez, and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. And I’m adding Andre Ward to the mix, another great opponent for Triple G. Now that he’s called them out, it’s time make these fights happen. But for now, boxing fans will only get a taste of what GGG can do. Golovkin is set to fight Martin Murray in February in 2015. Boxing fans everywhere, expect to see an entertaining, all out street fight.

At the end of the day, all boxing fans, and really, all sports fans should rally around Golovkin and support him. He is the fighter for the people. He’s the people champion he will give fans what they want. He isn’t running or dodging anyone. He is the knockout king. Golovkin seems the heir apparent to carry on the legendary Mexican style of boxing that has made the sport so popular around the world. Gennady Golovkin is the champion everyone should be talking about. Triple G, Buenas Noches!

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