What A Shame, Still No Dodgers On TV

If a tree falls down in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Thats just what Dodger fans everywhere are thinking. According to the schedule and to Sportscenter, the baseball season has begun. However, no one has been able to watch a Dodger on TV. Okay well 30% of Los Angeles has but the other 70% who don’t have Time Warner Cable must either hear the game on radio or “watch” the game on gamecast. 


Some fans are following the Dodger game via the Dodgers Twitter feed to see what’s going on. It’s insane to believe that a year has gone by and there still is no Dodger games on TV. Everyone just assumed that their is no way that 70% of Los Angeles would have no access to Dodger games. Yes, the season has just started and there is plenty of baseball still to be played, but enough is enough. Dodgers shouldn’t have to endure missing another Dodger game. It’s ridiculous that there can be no middle ground between Time Warner Cable and the rest of the cable companies such as Dish and DirecTv. I think it’s reached the point that if these cable networks can’t work it out that the Dodgers need to get involved somehow some way. Dodger fans need to put pressure on Time Warner Cable, Dish and DirecTv and the Dodgers to get a deal done.


Dodger fans are losing out on hearing the golden voice of Vin Scully, which is a travesty! How can you take away Vin Scully from Dodger fans and sleep at night?!? How is that possible? You should be ashamed of yourself for robbing million of fans of the great stories and tidbits that only Vin Scully can tell. Vin Scully the “Voice of the Dodgers” has been silenced with the fact that more than the majority of fans haven’t been able to hear him call a Dodger game since last season. We want Vin Scully back! Give us Vinny back! 



Every game that passes is a moment you can’t get back. Sure, you can see highlights of the game on Sportscenter, but it just isn’t the same. It was a crime that Clayton 

Kershaw had arguably the greatest season in baseball and Dodger fans couldn’t be witnesses because they did not have Time Warner Cable. I don’t want to miss Yaisel Puig throw a runner out at third from right field without a bounce. I don’t want to miss a dominant perforce by Kerhsaw or Zach Grienke. I do not want to miss another great Dodger season. The Dodgers are apart of the fabric of Los Angeles. 


It’ll be a shame if another season goes by with 70% of Los Angeles still unable to watch a Dodger game. Instead of coming home from work to turn on the game one would have to stay in their car to listen to the Dodger game. It’s still early, we are only April so there is time to rectify this situation.  Let us pray that they actually do and return to us our beloved Dodgers!


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