Consider Porzingis 

By now you’ve heard the name of Kristaps Porzingis, is a player who is one of the biggest unknown in the draft. But this unknown stock is rising in the weeks leading up to the draft. The question is whether or not teams like the Lakers, 76ers and Knicks would actually consider drafting Porzingis. And the answer is yes they most definitely consider Prozingis.
The Timberwolves will most likely draft Karl-Anthony Towns which leaves the Lakers a handful of options at #2. That’s the thing with the drafting second is that the Lakers can be able to draft the player they want. They will have the option to draft Jahlil Okafor, D’Angelo Russell, Emmanuel Mudiay or Kristaps Porzingis. Okafor is the safest pick remaining after Towns. Okafor was the best payer for the majority of the college season. He is the most NBA ready player from this draft class. Okafor will probably be the conservative and “smart” route for the Lakers to take. The one thing the Lakers can’t do is miss with this pick. It would be disastrous if the Lakers would whiff on this pick in a time where the team is trying to rebuild, which is why Okafor makes so much sense at number #2. 

But after seeing video and hearing rave reviews about Porzingis, it has to make you reevaluate everything and consider Porzingis with the second pick. Porzingis is a seven footer that can flat out shoot. Chad Ford describes him as having the shooting ability of a Dirk Nowitzki with the athleticism of a Andre Kirilenko. Chad Ford has stated that he if were the GM of the Lakers he would draft Porzingis with the number two pick. And no one scouts these prospects more than Chad Ford.

Porzingis is so intriguing of a prospect that Phil Jackson, the Zen Master, went to Las Vegas to watch him workout. Porzingis looked impressive on his workouts and seemed to leave everyone who watched them impressed and going back to their big board thinking about where they have him. You cannot draft based on need, which is the “easiest” thing to do, you have to draft the best available talent no matter the need. This is the mindset the Lakers must have come June 25th. Do not draft out of need or fear. Realistically, the Lakers have too many needs that you can’t fill in this draft. You get the best player and figure out how it works later, you don’t pass on the best talent to fill a need on a team that is rebuilding and is going to have needs. You can be sure that Sam Hinkie and the 76ers won’t think twice and draft another big man if he is the best available talent, even though they have Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid. The name of the game is acquiring assets and hoping those assets pay off or using those assets to land an proven All-star, a la Houston Rockets with James Harden.
You have to consider Porzingis after what he did in his workouts and what all the scouts are saying about this kid. Yes, he has some weaknesses and needs to get stronger but that shouldn’t negate the talent and skills he possesses. Porzingis is a big that can flat out shoot the ball and run the floor. Porzingis has the skill set that can make him a star in the NBA. The Lakers shouldn’t worry that they have Julius Randle on the team and they both play the 4 position. You can draft Porzingis and figure out how to make Randle and Porzingis work or you see what the market is for Randle.
Laker fans as well shouldn’t be up in arms if the Lakers draft Porzingis, they should embrace the rebuild. And understand it is going to be a process and take time before the Lakers are true contenders. You cannot bank that the Lakers will land a top free agent like Kevin Love, Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook. Embrace and enjoy the process. The Lakers went more than a decade without a championship before Shaq and Kobe went on their run. If the Lakers decide to draft Porzingis, Laker fans should embrace him and root for him to succeed for he would be the future.
With all that being said, all I want the Lakers to do is seriously consider Porzingis with the second pick. And be honest with themselves and if they believe that Porzingis is the best talent available take him and not worry about any blacklash. Just consider Porzingis, he could wind up being the best player in this draft. Can’t wait for June 25th!

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