The Winners & The Losers | NBA Finals 2015

Guest Post by Abel J. Lopez 

We were all witness of some pretty extraordinary finals. Although after game 4 it was apparent that the Cavaliers were going to fall short, or should I say LeBron James was going to fall short, LeBron James literally had to do it all every game and every play. Nevertheless, the effort of James made the finals worth watching. The Warriors were just a better team, a deeper team, a better coached team, and simply had unlimited supply of players to come off the bench.  

Here is my take on the winners & losers of the finals… 

Winner | Steve Kerr 

Steve Kerr went from calling last year’s playoffs (TNT) to coaching in the finals. 
Much credit is due to both Jerry West & Mark Jackson for the foundation of this team; but Kerr was able to reconfigure the roster, make tough roster lineups, bench all stars, bench starters and still managed to transform an already good team into a 67-win team in one season.

Winner | Andre Iguodala 

Earned the Finals MVP. Sacrificed being a starter all season.
And when was called upon to start & defend the best player in the world, he was able to contain him enough and still produce offensively. Well earned MVP trophy.

Winner | Draymond Green 

At times, seamed to do too much too fast; but he adjusted and defended bigger players while still being effective offensively. He was never in foul trouble. In the closeout game, he went 16|11|10 a triple double. Well deserved pay day although he might be slightly overpaid.
They also told him that he couldn’t play in this league…

Winner | Steph Curry 

Fell short of HIS own MVP play during the regular season. He didn’t win Finals MVP, but did what the position called for to be done. When he absolutely needed to drain a 3, he did it and simultaneously killed the hope of a Cleveland come back every time. At the end of the day, he’s a kid from Akron that won a title. 

Winner | David Lee 

Had very little playing time this entire season. He can thank Steve Kerr, he can also thank him for the ring he will receive with another team next season. Lee was an all star. When Mark Jackson was there, Lee’s downfall was he couldn’t stay healthy. You can’t forget what he did in the years that prepared the Warriors for this tittle run. He’s a winner because he stuck it out and won a championship. He will move on this off-season and probably make more money and everyone is happy about that. It’s like breaking up with that one girl you really liked in high school and she had to move away, but before you left she gave you a nice big kiss. Mutual goodbyes are always the best.  

Winner | Tristan Thompson

From the beginning of the Cavs’ playoff run, he solidified himself as a rebound machine. He kept that going in the finals and assured himself a great payday this offseason, essentially out performing K.Love and the reason that Love was traded to Cleveland. 
I can already hear someone calling a game and saying “Tremendous Thompson with his 24th rebound of the game.”

Winner | Timofey Mozgov 

Mozgov has come a long way from what we remember him sadly for, and that’s getting posterized by Blake Griffin. After being traded from the horrendous Knicks, he played like a true big man and put up some great number in games 1/2/4/6 but couldn’t keep up defending the smaller Iguodala. If it’s not with Cleveland, he also landed himself a good payday this off season. For all those teams that still want bigs in their front court, Mozgov is a proven Center when given the minutes. 

Loser | LeBron James

After basically averaging a triple double over the course of the series, LeBron woke up the next morning a loser. 
He now has been to six finals and won two, but he was just one lucky bounce and shot away from it being 1 title (Allen). In comparison, Michael Jordan won all of his 6 final appearances. In every playoff run you can argue that James didn’t have enough, he did it all himself, he had to carry the team. It can go on and on. 
The reality is that he’s 2-4 and I don’t feel sorry for him but I’m not going to kill him for it, Twitter will do enough of that. 
However, I’m sure many will thank him for making these finals watchable and at times very interesting. 

Loser | J.R. Smith

After being traded from the worse team in the league, J.R. showed to be promising. Nevertheless, he had a great regular season and had some moments where he shined on the way to the finals… but when game 1 came around , he was a complete no show. Shooting, defending, mental awareness, and just plain effort; he completely disappeared and struggled bad. He ended up hitting some big shots but overall he shot the ball horrendously. At the end of the day he’s still J.R. Smith. Based on what we know of him he will be fine. Just look at him hovering away in his hover board. Will he still be a Cav next season? Will the real J.R. Smith please stand up?

Loser | David Blatt 

Towards the middle of the season we found out that he doesn’t really coach the team, 
LeBron does that. The media killed him for it and has been criticizing him ever since, which some might say wasn’t really fair, He made some pretty bad coaching decisions, loss track of timeouts, called plays that didn’t make sense, but yet he still made it to the finals. That’s when we saw that he was clearly out-coached. Weather he’s a present coach or not, he’s the coach on paper. And even though he’s a rookie head coach in the NBA, Blatt still has a long way to go and has a lot left on the table. He will be fine. Though it’s difficult to win in this league, he found that out the hardest way… even having the best player in the world won’t win you a title.

So now that it’s all over 
The Warriors are champions 
The Warriors defeat the West and gain a title 
LeBron and his Cavs fall short
LeBron will be back 
The Cavs are the favorite next season

The biggest losers of The Finals…
The Jackson Two
| Mark Jackson 
| Phil Jackson 

The True Winner of the finals 

| Riley Curry 

She’s a champ!

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