Dodgers – Roundtable

I’ve been a part of a group text message with my friends Josh and Frankie for a couple of months now where for the most part we just talk sports. So we decided (Frankie suggested this) to give you an inside look to the conversations we have about the Dodgers and their chances this postseason.

(And yes, we took this idea from one of my favorite writers Bill Simmons, because why re-invent the wheel?)


Well guys the Dodgers are finally in the playoffs! Now the question is do they get home field for the NLDS? Does it even matter? What do you guys think?


The 3rd consecutive post season appearance for the Dodgers. Never been done! Three games left, Mets and Dodgers are both home. The Nationals and Padres will attempt to play spoiler. Can the Dodgers sweep and have the Nats win at least one game? I think so. Nats want to end on a positive note after their implosion. With Papelbon gone, they will play more freely.

Does it matter? Not really. I came across a stat which indicated teams with Home Field advantage in MLB playoffs win 56% of the time. Only 6% above 50/50. However, I want Kershaw at home to start these playoffs. Allow him the best chance to dominate and get rid of the “Peyton Manning” comparisons.


It’s exciting! I think the Dodgers can sweep the Padres especially since they’ll be playing at home. Also the Dodger will have Greinke and Kershaw going on Saturday and Sunday. How crazy is it that Kershaw is going after 300 strikeouts at home! On the other hand I don’t think Mattingly or the Dodgers are going to push for home field. We will be able to tell depending on the lineup the sent out.

I would usually agree that home field doesn’t matter because you have to win on the road if you want to win the World Series. However I find myself conflicted because the Dodgers have a losing record on the road in recent history, so it will benefit them to have home field. Yet I disagree i rather have Kershaw and Greinke pitch in Gotham City and have Wood and Anderson pitch at home. Which is what the Dodgers and Mattingly are thinking. Regardless, this postseason is huge for Kershaw.


This weekend is big.

Is Puig playing? Where does he bat? Does he improve the team?


I think Puig does play just to get some of the rut off. I don’t think he starts though. I would bat him 6th or 7th.

Honestly I don’t see him making the NLDS roster, do you? I would rather have Ruggiano and Kike instead of Puig.

Puig can improve the team had he had time to play himself into a rhythm. He has been struggling all season. It is high risk and high reward with “The Wild Horse”

Do you trust Mattingly in the postseason?


I think there are two options for Puig. The first, riskier is, play him immediately and bank on his talent and abilities. The second, safer option is to sit him go with someone else. I dont believe it is Mattingly’s call.

That said, I trust Mattingly to do what he does, make puzzling decisions, and play an AL style of baseball. Unfortunately, we do not have an AL lineup.


I worry about the first option because he has had problems all season with his hamstrings and throwing him start to the fire as you said is risky. i prefer the second option but since there is only three games left might as well throw Puig into the fire and see if you can catch lightening in a bottle.

I’m sure Mattingly will make some decisons that will drive us crazy. I’m just afraid that he is going to get out coached out managed throughout the postseason. I hope I’m wrong.

Who do you start at shortstop Rollins or Seager aka The Kid aka The Future?


I think you definitely platoon them. Rollins was obviously a 1 year rental. This is his swan song as a starter. Let him start against pitchers he does well against and Corey gets the rest of the playing time. Corey can also relieve Turner if her struggles.

Is Kike the starting CF?


I guess you can start Rollins since he has had success against Matt Harvey who will probably pitch game 1 for the Mets. If Rollins starts at shortstop then Seager has to play 3rd base. I think Seager has earned a starting spot. I would rather have Seager than Turner. Wouldn’t you?

Yes, Kike is the new starting CF. Joc has lost his swing. He is pressing at the plate. Kike is a hot and the Dodgers have to go with the hot hand. Joc can a;ways come off the bench to pinch hit.

Who starts at 2nd? Utley or Kendrick?


Corey can platoon with Rollins and Turner, ensuring him adequate playing time.

Kendrick starts, hands down. Utley cannot hit anymore. Everything is a routine grounder to the left side or a flyout to the right fielder. He is the Michael Young from a few years ago, don’t fall for the feel good story.
Back to Puig, if he makes the roster, whose spot does he take? I say Van Slyke.


I guess he can platoon but I want the Kid on the field. Turner isn’t the same anymore. Seager can hit both right and left handed pitching. It will be interesting to see how Mattingly juggles all these players.

I like Kendrick at 2nd, we traded Dee Gordon a fan favorite for him. Kendrick is a better defensive 2nd baseman. And Utley can hit. We were at the game where he hit a homerun! Plus he has been big games before.

If Puig makes the roster it will be between Van Slyke and Ruggiano for that last spot.


Now, If Dodgers get past the Mets, who would you rather face between the Pirates, Cubs and Cardinals?


None. I’d rather go straight to the World Series haha

I despise the Cardinals and they have Kershaw number. So it is between the Pirates and Cubs. The Cubs have the Rookie of the year Bryant and a CY Young candidate it Arrieta and Maddon. So I’ll the Pirates but don’t feel good about it. Who would you pick?

Is the best chance the Dodgers have had to make a run at the World Series in recent history?


I pick the Cardinals! IF this team is going to win the WS, I want them to go through the Cards. It would prove the sweetest victory. It’s similar to when the Lakers finally overcame the Jazz and the Spurs to win the title in 2000’s. I want Kershaw on the mound against Matt Carpenter and or Matt Adams with the game on the line. Its the best way for him to convince the doubter like you and Abel that he is the best pitcher in the game, and of our generation.

I think the 08 team had a easier road than this one.


Yes prove me wrong prove that you’re not Dan Marino. Guys if we don’t have home field who pitches game 4 at home?


Hall of Famer Dan Marino on 3 days rest.


Yes that would be awesome if Kershaw can redeem himself and just dominate the Cardinals and silence the crowd in St. Louis. That would be poetic justice for Kershaw and the Dodgers. I can’t stand the Cardinal Way. You’re talking me into wanting the Cardinals and Dodgers to meet in the LCS.

Kershaw needs to be Kershaw in the playoffs to add to his legacy. You think he will deliver this time?


Absolutely! Kershaw will prove his greatness!


Kershaw pitches game 4 on short rest. Greinke doesn’t pitch on short rest. Plus if Dodgers are going down, you go out with your best


I do think because of the hurricane the Dodgers will end up with home field. The mets might have all their weekend games postponed. Or a double header on Sunday


That’s true double header increases the chances the Mets lose.


One thought on “Dodgers – Roundtable

  1. Isaac, great idea about the round table! It’s cool reading it and having Frank and Josh involved gives a great insight from everyone.

    As a Giants fan (don’t beat me up Frank and Josh), I’ve seen it from having a series start at home (2010 and 2012) and the road (2014). Though the percentage is only 56%, I’d rather start at home, especially with the NLDS. Having Kershaw and Greinke (or vice-versa) back to back is a huge advantage for the Dodgers. They’ve been very solid at home this year. Also, it would be tougher for the Mets to have to travel three times (if there’s a game five!).

    Regarding the NLCS, I think the Dodgers can beat any of the three (Cardinals, Cubs and Pirates). In a short series, pitching can dominate. The Cardinals would be the toughest of the three and I feel that Kershaw will change the misfortunes that he’s had against them in the post season. The Dodgers need to get a win out of Wood and/or Anderson, their three and four starters. I’m sure you guys (and myself) are concerned about the bullpen. Having Kendrick back will help offensively, defensively and makes the bench stronger. By the way, I was at the Monday night game at AT&T Park and Corey Seager’s the real deal! He needs to be on the post season roster!

    Isaac probably knows this already, but though I’m a Giants fan, Personally, I want to see them go all the way! They haven’t won a World Series since 1988 and it would give the N.L. West a lot more respect than what it’s been given by the media nationwide.


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