Thank You Kobe. 

I think Boyz II Men said it best “it’sso hard to say goodbye to yesterday.” And what a good bye Kobe Bryant gave us last night. Kobe went out the way you would’ve wanted him to go out, by shooting the basketball. Did he ever shoot, by racking up 50 field goal attempts and to tell you the truth I wanted him to shoot more! 

That’s the thing, Kobe shoots the ball, it’s what he does. To want him to be anything different in his last game would just be wrong, it wouldn’t have been the Kobe that all the Laker fans have to come to love. 

Everyone wanted Kobe to have one more moment before he hung it up for good. And the man delivered. He gave everyone one last vintage performance last night by dropping 60 points and hitting what was the game winning shot. 

Kobe gave everything he had left, he didn’t hold anything back. There were no bullets left in the chamber. He had nothing else to give when the final buzzer went off. 

It was the perfect send off for one of the games greats but more importantly, it was the way I wanted my favorite player to go out. I wanted Kobe to win his last game and go out on a high note and he made sure of that. He wasn’t going to be denied. It was too perfect. Coming from behind and hitting one last clutch shot. 

20 years past you by in a blink of an eye, and just like that an era is over and a childhood hero says goodbye. It’s so hard to say good bye yesterday when they’ve been so great but it’s time. It’s been quite the journey Kobe. One I’ll never forget. 

So I like many others say THANK YOU KOBE! Thank you for never cheating the game by giving everything you had. 

Thank you for the air balls against Utah that pushed you 

Thank you for playing through all injuries

Thank you for the “Kobe face” 

Thank you for 62 points in 3 quarters 

Thank you for 81 points 

Thank you for all the game winners 

Thank you for 5 championships 

Thank you for all the great memories 
Most of all Thank you Kobe for helping me fall in love with the game of basketball. 

Mamba out. 


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