I Ain’t Mad At Ya, Durant

I’m ain’t mad at ya, Kevin Durant.

You left your old town to play under the bright lights of the city. It’s a story as old as time. Can’t say I haven’t wanted the same thing myself.

While everyone mocks your decision as being “the easy way out”, I would disagree. Sequels are rarely as good the original– but you managed to take on the task of following up 73-9 and Lebron’s Decision. That takes a special kind of bravado. We may say this every year, but no team will ever be under the scrutiny of the 2017 Golden State Warriors. No player will ever be under the scrutiny of Kevin Durant.

…Although there’s certainly much one can be upset about. You did leave Russell Westbrook, after all– this generation’s Kobe/Shaq break-up 2.0. GM’s are crying foul, as players sign on for a chance to follow coattails for the minimum. Stephen A Smith‘s not too happy either. But, oddly enough, there are no hard feelings from me. Merely a sense of wonder.

Over the following months, NARRATIVES will be at the forefront– is this team as good as last year? Who takes the final shot? Are there chemistry issues? Nevertheless, I can’t think of a time where a roster decision could capture the imagination of an entire sport. Not even the ’12 Heat or the 97’s Bulls have that title.

You bet on yourself. That’s more than you can say about many of your counterparts.

So as we dredge through the doldrums of the off-season, dream big — Durant will be considered one of the greatest of all time. The Warriors are the greatest team ever assembled. Until reality says otherwise.



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