What A Shame, Still No Dodgers On TV

If a tree falls down in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Thats just what Dodger fans everywhere are thinking. According to the schedule and to Sportscenter, the baseball season has begun. However, no one has been able to watch a Dodger on TV. Okay well 30% of Los Angeles has but […]

New Sheriff In Town

The Dodgers have a new sheriff in town and his name is Andrew Friedman. Andrew Friedman is the new President Of Baseball Operations. Friedman was the Tampa Bay Rays GM and was coveted by many other teams. Since joining the Rays in 2005, Friedman has done a superb job running that franchise. Before Friedman, the […]

Dodger Jekyll and Mr.Hyde: What Went Wrong?

GUEST POST: MANNY After having a few days to fully reflect on the Dodgers’ unexpected exit from the 2014 playoffs, one thing has really bothered me about their defeat this postseason– the fact that the team’s largest weaknesses were put on full display for the world to see. In almost laughable manner, the St Louis Cardinals exposed shortcomings and deficiencies […]