Why LeBron Isn’t The 2015 Finals MVP

Guest Post by Frank Martinez   Why LeBron isn’t the 2015 Finals MVP- after 5 games The first question to ask is, why all the hype? We are in the midst of the highest rated (TV) NBA Finals in the last 10 years, maybe ever when you consider the online streaming options. Yet, instead of […]


When Even Kobe’s Will Is Not Enough

Kobe Bryant is a living legend: Kobe has created this persona by being a player that would do anything to win. And in the process, he’s garnered a reputation as someone who would play through anything. To Kobe, the phrase, “ball is life,” is not just some cool hip phrase that people like me say […]

“Remember That One Time?” – Deron Williams Edition

As Kobe chucks shots at astronomical levels, now would be a perfect time to step into the time machine and a take a look at a curious incident between Bryant and Deron Williams this past summer. Deron was once considered a better point guard than Chris Paul by some NBA circles. After struggling in the playoffs last […]