Touchdown King

Watching Peyton Manning play the quarterback position is a beautiful thing to watch. The same was the case on the Sunday night game against the San Francisco 49ers. Needing three touchdowns to break the all-time touchdown record, Peyton Manning made it look easy. One would’ve thought that during a nationally televised game with everyone expecting him to break the record that maybe Manning would press the issue. That wasn’t the case, Manning broke the record with ease in the first half of the Sunday Night game.

Manning ended the night with 510 career touchdowns. The question now is ,again, is Peyton Manning the greatest quarterback of all-time? That is an impossible question to answer. It all depends the criteria you are using to decide the “greatest of all-time” . In saying that, Peyton Manning could’ve made this question easy to answer had he won the three times he made it to the Super Bowl as opposed to the lone Super Bowl win. Manning’s playoff record is the only flaw in his hall of fame career.

But we are here to appreciate what we are witnessing in Peyton Manning playing quarterback. Manning broke Bret Favre’s touchdown record in 56 fewer games! Think about that for one minute. Manning accomplished this feat in fewer games and is now adding to his touchdown record. Manning is on pace to throw for 50 touchdowns again. Manning shows no signs of slowing down at the young age of 38. It seems like a long time ago that Manning career was uncertain after undergoing two neck procedures. People wondered if he was done, if he had lost all arm strength to be a productive quarterback. Fast forward three years and you’ll see Manning not only being productive but playing at higher level than he was when he was a member of the Innipalois Colts.

It is staggering that Manning just seems to be getting better and better every single game. What was awesome about watching him play quarterback on Sunday night was the look he gave after throwing a touchdown to Wes Welker, it was a look that said “yea I’m that good.” Manning ended the night with a 40 yard touchdown to Demaryius Thomas. It was a historic night that will be remembered by everyone. It’s another chapter to add to the great career of Peyton Manning. Now one has to believe that Manning will get to 600 touchdowns before it is all set and done.

To borrow from Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning is “the same beast different animal.” Manning has been the face of the NFL for over a decade and no one has carried the torch better than him. Peyton Manning plays the quarterback position at a different level. He is a cerebral assassin out there on the football field. When you have Peyton Manning as your quarterback you know your team is already up 14-0. Peyton Manning is greatness.

Peyton Manning is the touchdown king and if I were a betting man I don’t think anyone will come close to breaking the touchdown record he is leaving behind when he decides he is done throwing touchdowns. For the Andrew Lucks, Aaron Rodgers just remember, if you come at king you best not miss.

3 thoughts on “Touchdown King

  1. Isaac, Peyton Manning’s amazing. He was amazing with the Colts and even better with the Broncos. The Broncos have a chip on their shoulder and they want to get back to the Super Bowl. Great post as always!


    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed my post. I woidl be curious to hear your argument why Peyton is the greatest since he is my favorite player in the NFL. Hope you keep visiting and reading posts from my site.



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