All Star Weekend a Welcome Break for Lakers Fans

You’ve earned a break Lakers fans.

In a year where franchise player Kobe Bryant is out for the season, lottery pick Julius Randle breaks a leg, Byron Scott makes Mike D’Antoni look competent, and Nick Young is reduced to bench warmer status, hope is finally in sight. The team is generously off television for 9 days. Tanking for losses can sure take its toll.

It’s hard to imagine how much worse things can get, in a basketball sense. The Lakers boast the lowest points average by starting lineup, and their defensive numbers are among the worst in the league. Outside of Jordan Clarkson, Ryan Kelly, and Tarik Black, they have no young players to develop, either– instead being forced to give minutes to career journeymen Wayne Ellington and Jeremy Link. The team is unwatchable. Get used to stories about “dolphins attacking Iggy” or watching Magic berate the team on the morning circuit– because that will be the most relevant basketball narrative of the year.

So, this is what feels like to be a fan of a small-market team.

And yet, there is a sense of hope among the organization. With losses piling up, the odds of a top-5 pick have never been higher. Could a franchise player be on the horizon? Sure seems like it– but the bloodbath will have to continue. Embrace the tank

There is no rest for the weary. Rest up, Lakers fans– the losing has only begun.

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