Don’t Panic…Yet – Fantasy Football

Why are you checking your lineup every 5 minutes? Fantasy Football has a funny way of making people indecisive and question every move. You over think every matchup, every player. You find yourself checking the rankings every hour, every day to see if a player on your team has either risen or dropped in rankings. You listen to every Fantasy football podcast read every column by Matthew Berry , Field Yates and Stephania Bell to try and get a leg up on the competition. And these are just some of the reasons why we love fantasy football.

Fantasy football is all about proving you are better than friends and having bragging rights over them for a year. It’s this sense of competition and need to prove you have superior fantasy skills that drives us to tinker with our lineup daily. Well, maybe I shouldn’t talk for everyone but it’s what drives me in fantasy football. I’m a two time fantasy football champion. I had to throw that in there just because it’s awesome to say.

Now with fantasy football in full gear we get a sense of what type of people are in your league. Which player is already panicking after losing in week and ready to bail on some of the studs on his team after one performance. The classic example is everyone jumping on the Marcus Mariota bandwagon and wanting to start him over the likes of Sam Bradford, Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning after just one week. You gotta stay patient and not overreact in fantasy football although that’s easier said than done. I wish I would’ve given that advice to one of my friends.

I have a friend that’s in a 14 team league at her job and she seeks my help since she’s a novice. Of course I agree to help because I’m a two time champ. But here’s the thing about helping a friend out with their team is that it makes you second guess every decision, as I’ve previously mentioned. You don’t want to be blamed for any loses. Anyways it made me laugh when I get bombarded with text messages on Thursday night when she’s watching her starting quarterback Peyton Manning play awful and throw a pick six. She’s was livid with Manning, asking me “what is he doing?!?!?!?”

And I had to reassure her it’s okay, Manning will be okay. I told her all Manning needs to do is throw 3. Touchdowns and you’ll be fine. Which seemed to calm her down a bit. Luckily for me and my friend Manning did exactly that. He threw 3 touchdowns and 256 passing yards. My friend experienced the lows and highs of fantasy football all in one game. From wanting to cut a player right there and then to being ecstatic that so and so is on your team.

Unfortunately, I cost my friend her matchup by dropping the Packers defense for the Titans defense. It’s painful to lose in general but when you lose by 4 points its excruciating. Now I have to make it up and not panic and make panicky moves.

It’s just interesting and entertaining to me how fantasy football finds its way into your daily life no matter where you are or who you with. I was at a Dodger game with my youngest brother and one of my closest friends and obliviously our conversation steered to fantasy football and during the middle of the game while the Dodgers are hitting they decide to look at their lineups and make a trade! Now I’m no better because while they are trading I was on the waiver wire trying to improve my team after one week.

All this is to stay don’t panic and don’t over think things in fantasy football. And also stop bringing your youngest brother about what defense should you pick up, they tend to get annoyed. So no matter your record is thus far, stay positive it isn’t time to crazy yet you do that after about week 4 and realize that the “A” you received after drafting was completely wrong and need to totally revamp your team.

Man, I’m glad fantasy football is back!

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